Building the Arduino Controller

Instructions for building the Arduino hardware controller

To build this, you will need an Arduino/freeduino board, as well as a Nokia 3310 Arduino shield. These can be purchased from, along with many other neat modules. A proto-shield is also necessary to mount a few other components (a max232 level converter) and to attach the wires to the serial connector. The proto sheild can be obtained from most arduino stockists, the max232 chip is fairly commonly available (ebay, cpc, most electronics component suppliers).

A circuit diagram will follow shortly for the proto shield. Once built, the three boards are stacked with the arduino at the base, and the display board at the top. As with all electronics, the protoshield should be carefully examined for shorts and mistakes before applying power.

You are now ready top upload the sketch. You will need to install the Arduino SDK. The arduino board should be connected via the usb cable (or serial cable for a few boards). The SDK is used to upload code to the board.

Once you have verified that it all works, you will need to figure out how to package the device. My prototype is contained in a standard 2 gang electrical back box, with a custom face plate made from clear acrylic and some other bits.