November 2010 update

This Project now consists of two related sub-projects that can be used to control many Sanyo XE and XU series projectors.

1. A Qt4 based application that can be used to control projectors from a PC/Mac. This can report the status of the projector, internal temperatures, and also the lamp hours used.

2. An Arduino/Freeduino-based hardware controller. This can be installed in a box and either mounted on a wall, or used as a portable tool. It can also report some of the same data as the Qt4 Application, as well as controlling the basic functions of the projector (on/off, freeze, input selection).

The code for the both projects is in the SVN Repository which is accessible from the Sourceforge project page, A release of the Qt4 app will be made soon (I'm just trying to figure out how to do a staticly linked build).

Both these projects require a custom serial cable to be built. The parts for the cable can be purchased fairly cheaply, and the pin-out can be found on the page titled 'Build a serial cable'.